Azure VM Image Builder API 2024-02-01 JSON Case Sensitivity

The Azure VM Image Builder API version 2024-02-01 introduces significant changes, effective from 21 May 2024, focusing on case sensitivity for all fields in API requests. This adjustment mandates that the capitalization of letters in API requests must precisely match the expected format. However, this change will not affect existing resources but will apply only to resources created from 21 May 2024 onwards. The key points include:

  1. Case Sensitivity Enforcement: Users must ensure correct capitalization for all field names, parameters, and values in their API calls. Incorrect case usage will lead to request rejection.
  2. Handling of Incorrect Requests: Requests with incorrect case or unrecognized fields will be rejected, accompanied by an error message directing users to updated documentation for correct syntax and grammar.
  3. Review and Update Required: Users are advised to review their code and update any automated processes or integrations to comply with the new case sensitivity rules. Alternatively, users can pin their API calls to a previous version of the Azure Image Builder API to avoid making changes.
  4. Pinning to an older API Version: Users wishing to avoid adjustments due to the new case sensitivity rules can pin their API calls to an older version, following steps provided in the REST API Documentation.

This update necessitates users to carefully review and adjust their API interactions with Azure VM Image Builder to ensure compatibility and avoid disruptions.

Source: Microsoft e-mail communication from 10th May 2024

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