Global Secure Access – General availability

Microsoft Global Secure Access has been officially generally available since the end of last week and came out of the preview phase after more than a year.

This is a very big milestone that Microsoft has reached with this step. Not all functionalities have been fully developed yet, but these will be added gradually as soon as they reach maturity.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog series about GSA. You can find my articles here:


What is already known about the Global Secure Access licences?

At the time of publishing this blog post, there is hardly anything to be found on the subject of GSA licensing. The following is officially known:

  • Prerequisite
    • Microsoft Entra ID P1 or Microsoft Entra ID P2
  • Internet access requires Microsoft Entra Internet Access license
  • Private access requires Microsoft Entra Private Access license
  • Traffic profile is included in Secure Access Essentials license, soon part of Microsoft 365 E3 license

Which is not yet officially confirmed:

  • Microsoft Entra Suite includes:
    • Microsoft Entra ID Governance
    • Microsoft Entra ID Private Access
    • Microsoft Entra ID Internet Access
    • Premium Microsoft Entra Verified ID features
    • Microsoft Entra Advanced Identity Protection¬†
  • Pricing structure for all licences


My own opinion on Global Secure Access has not changed in the last few weeks. In my opinion, this is a major milestone for Microsoft and the classic VPNs and proxies can gradually be migrated to GSA.

I will be starting a proof of concept in a larger productive environment over the next few weeks/months and will certainly share my experiences with you at a later stage.

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