ALSO Azure Tech Community Expedition 2024

In this blog post, I’m thrilled to share my experiences from the ALSO Azure Tech Community Expedition 2024, which took place on April 17. This gathering was one for the books – one of the finest community meetups hosted by ALSO, marked by profound insights and memories that linger.

I admit, this review is arriving over a month after the event. I wanted to offer a richer narrative by incorporating my reflections alongside the recently released short clip by ALSO, which adeptly captures the essence of our gathering. More on this shortly.

Accompanying me on this “cruise” were my colleagues Oliver Müller, Matthias Bucheli, and Patrick Schorno. Each of us dove headfirst into an invigorating afternoon brimming with Azure-driven innovation and networking.

A massive shoutout to the organizers Lukas Achermann, David Gassmann, and Géraldine Battegay for orchestrating such an outstanding event. It kicked off at the harbor of Lucerne, with a lively aperitif reception that set a warm and engaging tone for what was to come.

As we embarked on the “ALSO MS Spirit Boat”, the air was charged with anticipation and Azure enthusiasm. Kudos to our hosts for organizing an ingenious Azure Virtual Desktop Bingo. This icebreaker surpassed expectations, fostering new conversations beyond those you’d typically have with colleagues or acquaintances. And it wasn’t just about Azure – the personal tidbits in the bingo added a nice touch, allowing us to venture into casual, non-work related chatter.

Our adventure next brought us to “Glasi Hergiswil”, where we explored the rich history and skill of glassmaking. The hands-on glassblowing session was not only educational but also a fun break from the usual tech talk.

The true gem of the day? Our group photo set against the tranquil lakeside backdrop, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the expedition. The lively afternoon transitioned to a relaxed evening cruise on the Lake of Lucerne, complete with a delightful dinner buffet and ample opportunity for extended networking and friendly conversations.

A noteworthy highlight was the film crew documenting the day’s events. You can catch a snippet of this short clip shared on LinkedIn at Azure Tech Community Expedition 2024. (Note the video is in German).

Looking forward, the anticipation is already building for the next event, the Azure Tech Community BBQ 2024 on September 10. Exclusively open to ALSO partners, it’s shaping up to be just as engaging and exciting as our April expedition.

The ALSO Azure Tech Community Expedition was more than an occasion – it was an affirmation of our collective dedication to Azure technology and the vibrant community around it. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting with Azure, these events present invaluable opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

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