Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Error code 80180006


For example, I am using a company-owned device that is running on the latest updates of Windows 11 or 10. This device is also joined to a domain. The device is not Entra ID joined or Entra ID registered yet.

I am trying to sign in to my work or school account on this device, but I encounter an error message with the code 80180006. This is a very cryptic error code, meaning it’s not immediately clear what the problem is based on the code or error message alone. This error code is often associated with error messages like network issues, incorrect credentials, or problems with my device’s configuration.


The root cause of this error is often related to the settings of the Mobile Application Management (MAM) scope.


The MAM scope is a setting that determines how mobile applications are managed on a device. When the MAM scope is set to all users, it means that all users on the device are subject to the same management policies. This can cause conflicts and result in the 80180006 error.

The solution to this issue is to disable the MAM user scope. This can be done through the Endpoint Management console.

It’s important to note that the MAM scope settings can have different effects depending on the type of device. For bring-your-own devices (BYOD) (Entra ID registerd or AD only joined), if both MAM user scope and Mobile Device Management (MDM) user scope are enabled for all users, the MAM user scope takes precedence. This means that the device will use Windows Information Protection (WIP) Policies, rather than being MDM enrolled.

On the other hand, for corporate-owned (Entra ID joined) devices, if both scopes are enabled, the MDM user scope takes precedence. This means that the devices get MDM enrolled, providing more control and security for the organization.

If MAM is not used or not configured for your BYOD, Entra ID registered or AD only joined devices, it’s recommended to disable it to avoid encountering this issue. This can help ensure a propper sign-in process and prevent potential conflicts with device management policies.

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